When selecting a partner, there is no substitute for experience or excellence

For over 15 years, Andrew Lauren Interiors has built successful and long-standing relationships with top homebuilders throughout Arizona and California.

As we all know, the reputation of a homebuilder relies on partnerships to provide a personal experience, as well as the utmost care and craftsmanship for each home. Andrew Lauren Interiors is dedicated to being the arc between the homeowner and homebuilder, providing seamless communication and positive experiences for all parties – experiences that continually generate referrals and new business for your company.

Andrew Lauren Interiors respects equally the relationships we have with both homeowners and builders, surrounding them with 360-degrees of service. We “encompass the essentials” for your homeowners when it comes to flooring, countertops and window treatments.

At Andrew Lauren Interiors, we take pride in providing homebuyers with unparalleled customer service, which includes:

  • Flexible appointments, including weekends
  • Computer-based selling aides
  • Quick response to service calls
  • Customer follow-up

We maintain the highest level of excellence by only staffing certified interior designers and licensed installers. We also employ field managers who keep projects running on-schedule while ensuring that installation crews uphold the highest standards of quality.

Andrew Lauren has cultivated long-lasting relationships with the most recognized manufacturers in the industry and the ones most frequently asked for by your customers. We are conscious of providing your homebuyers with a wide selection of products, while at the same time keeping our prices competitive.
Finally, computer tracking aids us in providing up-to-the-minute monitoring of each homebuyer’s activities, as well as changes in escrow closing dates, which helps to minimize delays as the home approaches installation release date.

Throughout our many years working with homebuilders and homeowners we have continued to meet and surpass their expectations with our high quality products, detailed customer service and precision craftsmanship. We invite you to become a valued partner and discover how we encompass the essentials for you and your homebuyers.


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