Irvine-ConsultationDeskToday’s homeowners have an unprecedented array of design interiors from which to choose, from a plethora of flooring and luxury countertop offerings to bathroom fixtures ranging from the traditional to ultra-sleek. A design center can lay out all the possibilities.

Does your builder offer you a design center? If they do, it will streamline your decision-making process by letting you view the leading product lines at one convenient location. All products on display will have been painstakingly selected to ensure the highest levels of quality, style, and service.

One important advantage design centers provide is the one-on-one consulting services of a professional designer. Designers are experts at helping you walk through the selection process, so that your choices best reflect your tastes and lifestyle. Your designer will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the products being offered, from the advantages of natural vs. engineered wood flooring to natural stone floors, granite countertops, simple to exotic backsplashes, and customized window coverings.

The other advantage a design center provides is that your selections will be professionally installed and ready for you to enjoy on the day you take possession of your home. Materials and services purchased at a design center are also covered under the builder’s new home warranty.
At a time when homeowners are looking at their new home purchase as a long-term lifestyle choice, rather than a short-term investment, having an attractive and inviting home environment is a top priority. A design center can help you craft your home with your own personal touches that you will enjoy for many years to come.